Most insurance policies are designed to renew every year. If you have questions your renewal, not to worry. Here’s what to know about renewing your insurance when you have Lockton Affinity Outdoor coverage.

What Is an Insurance Renewal?

An insurance renewal is a process that takes place at the end of your coverage’s policy period. Policy periods typically last a year, so this is an annual process and it comes with several steps. The insurance company will:

  • Review your policy and coverage options.
  • Notify you in advance that your policy is ending.
  • Extend an offer to renew the coverage, if it’s available.
  • Provide an upfront price for the upcoming year’s premium.

Note that this entire renewal process will take place before your current policy expires, usually beginning between 30 to 90 days before your policy ends, reminding you of your insurance and the date it is set to renew. Notification of your renewal can by email, postal mail or both, depending on your insurance company. At Lockton Affinity Outdoor, we find email is best for getting renewal information to you directly and efficiently.

The insurance renewal process is designed to give you enough time to review your options and make a decision so that you don’t end up with an undesired gap in coverage. It may sound complicated, but it’s usually a pretty painless procedure.

What Do You Need to Do for Your Insurance Renewal?

With insurance renewals, there may not be much for you to do on your end as the customer. Occasionally, you may be asked to complete a few extra steps. Other times, your insurance company could take care of everything needed. You receive your notice and pay the bill for your new year’s premium, and your insurance company processes a policy renewal for another year and sends you a receipt. And that’s it.

Yet even if there isn’t anything extra you have to do, renewal time is still a good opportunity to review your coverage. Here are a few things you can do:

Review your policy renewal.

You’ll find valuable information about insurance in the documents your insurance company sends you. If your insurer is making any new enhancements or exclusions to your coverage, it should be noted. You’ll also be able to confirm your personal details, new premium cost, coverage details, additionally insured parties, certificate of insurance holders and more. Make sure to look for mistakes and misspellings and let your insurance company know if you find any.

Respond to any additional requests.

Most of the time, your insurance company will have everything it needs to process an insurance renewal. But sometimes, additional information may be requested. This is common when your insurance company places coverage with a new carrier or if a policy renewal will come with additional enhancements or exclusions. Requests can vary from answering a few basic questions to completing a whole new application. Be sure to complete any requests in a timely manner.

Consider changes you’ve made.

A lot can happen in a year. Your renewal is a good time to look back and make sure your coverage still meets your needs. If you have moved, got a new phone number or switched emails, make sure to let your insurance company know. Also review if you have sold any property covered by your insurance or purchased new property you’d like to insure. If you need to renew, add or drop a certificate of insurance holder from your policy, now’s a good time to do so.

Review your insurance limits.

A policy renewal is the perfect time to review your coverage limits and make sure you have the right amount of insurance to suit your needs. You may decide you need more coverage to meet increased risk, cover new property you acquired or account for the impact of inflation on your assets and property. You could also choose to reduce your coverage, change your deductible or purchase additional insurance products as needed.

Check your payment method.

Another thing that can change over the course of a year is your preferred method of payment. Many insurance companies will plan on processing your insurance renewal by billing the credit card you have on file. If you would like to pay your premium using a different method than you used last year, be sure to check in with your insurance company during your renewal period.

Knowing how the process works and what to do can help make the renewal process a breeze. The renewal steps above can be completed by Lockton Affinity Outdoor Firearm Insurance policyholders, Personal Firearm Liability Insurance policyholders and Firearm Instructor Insurance policyholders, as well as policyholders with Business, Club and other coverages.


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