Firearm Business Insurance

Each firearms-related business is different in size, activities, ownership, location and more.
Find the coverage that meets your exact needs.

Because of the vast differences in firearms-related business operations, Lockton Affinity Outdoor offers policies that can be tailored to meet your needs. So whether you are a gunsmith in Colorado or a gun store owner in Florida, we have an insurance policy for you.

Explore our policy options to find the right coverage for your business.


Covers loss or damage to any assets your business rents, leases or owns, including buildings, money, securities and other possessions of the business. This coverage extends to losses due to negligence and employee theft.


Insures your business against third-party injury or damage with a variety of limits available up to $1 million per occurrence, up to $2 million per year, plus medical payments.


Whether you are a self-employed gunsmith, work as a gunsmith within a retail business, or are a business owner who employs gunsmiths, we have the firearm business insurance you need.


You can add coverage as needed for business income, boiler and machinery, glass, computers, valuable papers and records, accounts receivable and more.

Gun stores

Commercial ranges

Hunting guides


Game preserves

Gun shows

Instructors and training centers


Firearms-related events

State associations

Guides and outfitters

Not available in all states


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insurance, please give us a call or complete this form.

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Not available in NJ, NY and WA