Firearm Business Insurance

Covers the costs associated with property damage, third-party injuries and more.

Available options include gun store insurance, gun range insurance, gunsmith insurance and more.

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Coverage to protect your firearm business

Whether you are a gunsmith in Colorado or a gun store and range owner in Florida, there are always risks involved with operating a firearms-related business.

With Lockton Affinity Outdoor’s Firearm Business Insurance, you receive coverage to help protect against the costs associated with property damage, third-party injuries and more.


Benefits you’ll receive with
Firearm Business Insurance

Broad coverage

Property coverage for any assets your business rents, leases or owns

General Liability with a variety of limits available

Coverage for a wide range of firearm business activities

Easy transactions

Firearm business claims are handled by our firearm industry specialists

Over 20 years of experience insuring firearm businesses like yours

Additional coverage

Cyber Liability is automatically included

 Optional available coverage including business income, boiler and machinery, valuable papers and records, accounts receivable and more


FAQs about our all-around coverage

Many firearm businesses have questions about how insurance coverage works. Here are answers to some of our most common questions to help explain the protection you can receive.

Q: What are some examples of gunsmith insurance claim risks?

A: Whether you work at home or at a business property, your gunsmithing requires equipment and tools that could be damaged if there’s a fire. If there’s a break-in, thieves could steal firearms belonging to customers who entrusted them to you for maintenance or repair. Or, if a firearm you service or repair later malfunctions and causes damage or injury, the owner could blame your workmanship and claim negligence. Our coverage protects against these and other risks.

Q: Is Firearm Business Insurance available for ranges?

A: Yes! Whether you need indoor gun range insurance or outdoor shooting range insurance, our Firearm Business Insurance can cover you for property damage, third-party injuries and more. This can be crucial protection in cases where your facility sustains damage or a customer has a mishap while at the range.

Q: Do you insure any other kinds of firearm-related businesses?

A: Yes! We designed our insurance coverage to protect against property and liability claims for a wide variety of firearm-related businesses, including FFL-licensed businesses, retail, pawn, antique and collectible firearm dealers, ammo reloading and manufacturing operations, and various types of commercial ranges and training centers. In all, over 4,000 firearm-related businesses trust us to protect their business.

Take the next step and protect your firearm business with insurance from Lockton Affinity Outdoor.

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