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As a hunter, trap and skeet shooter or firearm owner or carrier, you have inherent personal liability because hunting accidents, accidental discharge and self-defense incidents do happen. This insurance is intended to protect you and your assets.

Yes, your coverage extends throughout the United States and its territories.

No, this liability coverage is intended for an injury that you may accidentally cause to someone else. Any injury you sustain would be covered under your health insurance.
Contact us to change the limits, and we’ll take care of it for you.
No, the insurance follows you throughout the United States and its territories. It is also applicable in international waters or airspace under certain circumstances. Please read over your Certificate of Insurance for more details.
No. You are covered for any instruction for which you are certified/accredited to teach.
Contact us with the name and address of the location you need to add.
No, this insurance specifically covers down range firearms instruction. Coverage does not include paintball, pepper spray, baton, handcuffing, hand-to-hand combat or martial arts.
Your own health insurance would cover you for any injury you might sustain. This is a liability policy, which means it is designed to cover injury for another person who is injured accidentally during your training. Professional Liability Insurance is also provided in your coverage to protect against any allegations of improper training.


Yes, we offer customized coverage packages for all types of firearms-related businesses, including gun stores, commercial ranges, hunting guides, gunsmiths, gun shows, competitions, guides and outfitters and more.

We offer Property, General Liability, Gunsmith coverage, Business Income, Boiler and Machinery and more. Explore all coverage options here.


Hunting Club and Land Lease offers coverage for operations that travel, have land or lease land.

Rod and Gun Club offers insurance for operations that meet at a range or participate in competitions and events.

We offer Limited Liability and Broad Liability coverage for Hunting Club and Land Lease operations.

Limited Liability is designed for the landowner and hunting clubs on location. Coverage includes injury and damage while on club premises, host liquor coverage and hired and non-owned auto liability.

Broad Liability is designed to protect the landowner and hunting club regardless of location. Coverage includes injury and damage not limited to club premises, products/completed operations and medical expenses up to $5,000 for any one person.

We offer Property Insurance, General Liability Insurance and optional coverage like Business Income, Boiler and Machinery, Accounts Receivable and more.


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