Firearm sights are sensitive instruments. A small adjustment here or there can make a big difference whether you hit the target. With inflation, small adjustments can also have a big impact.

Some of the impacts of inflation can already be seen at the grocery checkout and the gas pump. However, inflation can also have an impact on your insurance.

Even a small swing of a point or two can have an effect. In some cases, you may need to take action to check your policy and adjust your coverage so you can rest easier.

Here’s what to know if you have a policy from Lockton Affinity Outdoor.

Firearm Insurance

With Firearm Insurance from Lockton Affinity Outdoor, you can protect your monetary investment in your guns and their attached accessories from damage, theft or loss, up to their fair market value. Firearm Insurance is available to almost any gunowner and policies can be purchased to cover one gun or a whole collection.

Firearm Insurance provides valuable protection against common property risks, like fires, floods and burglaries. However, if the cost of everything goes up, your policy may not cover as much as it used to. A recent auction of rare firearms expected to bring $1.5 million in sales ended up surpassing $7 million. But even the value of everyday items is going up on gun appraisal and sales websites.

If you haven’t checked the fair market value of your collection recently, it’s a good time to do so. If you find you have items that have increased in value, you may choose to increase the limits of your policy for more coverage. Or, if you haven’t bought coverage before, you might consider protecting the value you’ve amassed.

Personal Firearm Liability

With Personal Firearm Liability Insurance, you can protect yourself and your personal assets from liability claims for third-party injuries and damages arising out of an accidental discharge, hunting or shooting accident, lost or stolen firearm or lawful personal defense incident. Coverage is available to gunowners who keep guns at home, travel with their guns or participate in outdoor recreation or group activities.

Personal Firearm Liability coverage helps pay for the costs of being sued, such as the cost of hiring a lawyer, handling court costs or paying a settlement or judgement. As with other expenses, these costs are also rising. An estimated 95% of civil cases now end in settlements, with one law firm estimating the average settlement in 2022 at $62,600, though some are much higher.

If an incident occurs and someone believes you are to blame, it is likely you could face a steep legal bill. Obtaining Personal Firearm Liability coverage, if you don’t already have it, can help give you more peace of mind. If you do have a policy, consider whether your current limits fully protect your personal assets. If not, you may choose to increase your limits.

Firearm Instructor Insurance

With Firearm Instructor Insurance, instructors are covered for liability when a third party claims they have been injured or their property damaged during your instruction or due to the training you provided. This coverage is available to certified or credentialed instructors, trainers, coaches and range safety officers.

Firearm instructors face many of the same liability risks as other gunowners. The cost of a legal defense, court costs and judgements and settlements keep going up. Instructors may also consider how inflation impacts the facilities where you offer instruction. If a structure is damaged by an errant shot, it will cost more to repair it today than it used to.

If you offer any type of firearm instruction, it makes sense to obtain liability coverage to protect yourself from these lawsuits. Firearm Instructor Insurance offers different policy limits to suit your needs. If your personal assets may not be protected by your current limits, you may consider obtaining more coverage.

Firearm Businesses and Clubs

Firearm Business Insurance is designed to protect firearm stores, sporting goods stores, gunsmiths, FFL holders, commercial ranges, training centers and others against claims for property damage, third-party injury and other risks. Gunsmith coverage is included automatically, while optional add-on coverages for business income, valuable papers and records and accounts receivable are also available. Tailored coverage is also available for rod and gun clubs, hunt clubs, landowners and more.

Like businesses in other industries, firearm businesses, clubs and organizations are also experiencing the pressures of inflation, with 70% of small businesses forced to raise prices. Inflation can impact the value of your buildings and properties, as well as the inventory you carry. Inflation also can play a role for businesses with employees, from increased payrolls to the cost of an employee lawsuit.

If you have a business or club, it’s smart to be proactive, cutting back on expenses, stocking up on regular supplies, focusing on growth and considering raising prices. The right insurance coverage can also help reduce your risk. Check your policy to ensure the value of your business property and assets are fully protected and consider contacting your insurance company if you need more protection.


Most hunters wouldn’t set out on a hunt without zeroing their rifle scope. It just wouldn’t get the best results. The same is true of your insurance policy during a cycle of inflation. Check your policy to make sure your coverage still meets your current needs and make adjustments if needed.

With Lockton Affinity Outdoor, you have reliable coverage you can depend on to protect you from the risks you face. To learn more, visit or call (844) 401-9444.