It surprises many people to learn that gun insurance isn’t just for firearm businesses or law enforcement professionals. In fact, almost anyone who handles firearms personally or professionally can buy gun insurance suited to their own unique needs.

Even so, the particulars of any type of unusual or specialty insurance coverage is often confusing, and gun insurance is no exception. There are actually a number of different types of gun coverage available, designed to protect property, individuals, businesses and more.

Here’s a look at who can benefit from some of the many coverage options available from Lockton Affinity Outdoor and what products can be purchased to meet your unique needs.

Outdoor enthusiasts

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy a number of sports and activities with their guns, from hunting, to trap and skeet shooting and more.

If you spend much time outdoors, you know that there are two main concerns: damage or loss of your guns and equipment and the potential for a firearm accident that causes injury to someone else or damages their property.

Lockton Affinity Outdoor offers coverages to protect against both of these risks:

  • With Firearm Insurance, you can protect your monetary investment in your guns and their attached accessories from damage, theft or loss, up to their fair market value.
  • With Personal Firearm Liability Insurance, you can protect yourself and your assets from risks including accidental discharge, hunting and shooting accidents, lost or stolen firearm liability and more.

Law-abiding gunowners

Many people choose to exercise their right to keep a gun with them at home or on the go for peace of mind or other personal reasons.

As a law-abiding gunowner, you also face the risk of your firearm property being damaged, lost or stolen. Additionally, gunowners face the risk of being held liable for firearm accidents as well as lawful personal defense incidents.

Lockton Affinity Outdoor coverage can protect against these risks, too:

  • Firearm Insurance is also available for regular gun owners. Whether you have one gun or many, you can protect the fair market value of your investment against fires, burglary and more.
  • Personal Firearm Liability Insurance can protect you and your personal assets from third-party injury and damage claims due to an accidental discharge, shooting accident or in the case of a lawful personal defense incident.

Collectors and hobbyists

Firearm collectors and hobbyists may not all brave the great outdoors or carry their guns with them every day, but they still can face the risks that come with gun ownership.

As a firearm collector or hobbyist, you may have thousands of dollars invested in a single handgun, rifle or shotgun, with a full collection you have spent a lifetime collecting. There is also the chance that one of your guns could be stolen and used to commit a crime.

Lockton Affinity Outdoor has coverage to meet these needs:

  • Firearm Insurance is available to help collectors and hobbyists insure all or part of their collection against damage, theft or loss, up to its fair market value.
  • Personal Firearm Liability Insurance also comes with lost or stolen firearm liability coverage that can protect you from third-party claims if one of your firearms is lost or stolen and later used in the commission of a crime.

Firearm safety instructors

Educating new gunowners about firearm safety is an important job. But besides the rewards, this career can carry some unique risks.

As a firearm instructor, there’s a risk you could be held liable for injuries to third parties or damage to the range during your instruction. You could also face an accusation of negligent training if a past student were to injure themselves.

But Lockton Affinity Outdoor offers coverage to meet these unique needs, too:

  • With Firearm Instructor Insurance, you are covered for liability when a third party claims they have been injured or their property damaged during your instruction or due to the training you provided.

Owners of firearm businesses

Firearm businesses have all the risks of businesses in other industries, plus the added risks that come with operating within the firearm industry.

As the owner of a firearm business, you need property protection against damages and loss as well as asset protection against third-party claims of liability.

Lockton Affinity Outdoor offers coverage that meets these particular needs:

  • Firearm Business Insurance is designed to protect firearm stores, sporting goods stores, gunsmiths, FFL holders, commercial ranges, training centers and others against claims for property damage, third-party injury and other risks. Gunsmith coverage is included automatically, while optional add-on coverages for business income, valuable papers and records and accounts receivable are also available.


Landowners benefit from the leasing, renting or use of their properties and facilities for individuals and groups.

But as a landowner, you face special risks when firearms are brought onto your property or into your facility for hunting, club meetings, events, competitions or instruction. If a firearm accident occurs, there is a possibility you could be one of the parties held liable.

Lockton Affinity Outdoor has coverage available to protect against these risks:

  • Hunt Clubs and Land Lease Insurance protects against claims for third-party injuries and damages, with optional coverage available for Business Income, Accounts Receivable and more.

Clubs and organizations

Outdoor activities are always more fun when enjoyed with others who share your passion, which is why many participate in gun sports and activities by joining a club or organization.

If you have a firearm club or organization, you can face risks that individuals and other types of clubs do not.

Fortunately, Lockton Affinity Outdoor offers several options to suit your needs:

  • Hunt Clubs and Land Lease Insurance is also available to protect clubs as well as landowners, with General Liability coverage to protect your club against third-party claims for injuries and damages year round, and club members are covered as insureds.
  • Rod and Gun Club Insurance offers General Liability to protect against third-party claims as well as Property coverage for assets your club rents, leases or owns, including buildings, maintenance equipment and more. Coverage is available for clubs that travel, plus members can be covered, too.


Whether you are a firearm business owner, a hunter or a collector, you can obtain gun insurance to protect against the unique risks you face.

Insurance from Lockton Affinity Outdoor can provide peace of mind and protect what is most important to you. Learn more at