A gun range that fits your needs can be hard to find. Follow these tips to find a shooting range that fits your needs and budget.

Get a Trusted Recommendation—Ask your friends and family if they have a preferred local gun range.

Research Online—Search “shooting range near me” on the web. Look at the ranges’ websites and reviews online. Consider the following for each range:

  • Safety – Do they employ range officers? Do the online reviews mention positives or negatives about the safety of the range?
  • Pricing – Is the range open to the public or membership-only? Do membership prices include a guest?
  • Indoor vs Outdoor – Is the facility indoor or outdoor?
  • Training/Classes – Does the range offer beginner’s classes or training?
  • Ammunition/Firearm Restrictions – Can you bring your own ammunition? Are there restrictions on the ammunition/firearms you can bring? Do you have to buy all rounds at the range?

Being Safe at the Range

Safety is everyone’s responsibility at the range. Once you find a facility that is a good fit for you, follow these tips to keep yourself and others safe at the range.

  • Take a tour of the facility and identify important areas, like firing lines and entry and exit routes.
  • Familiarize yourself with your range’s safety rules.
  • Bring your firearm into the range unloaded and in a gun case.
  • Wear eye and ear protection.
  • Always follow gun handling safety rules
  • Know the basic range commands and listen to the range safety officer’s commands.

Enjoy your new range with total peace of mind.