A chill in the air, the crunch of frost on the grass, the colors of the leaves falling from the trees – there is nothing like hunting in the fall.  Whether you’re hunting deer, pheasants, turkey or waterfowl, follow these fall hunting safety tips to protect yourself and others.

1.       Permit / License – No matter where or what you’re hunting, you’ll need to purchase a license. Many states allow you to purchase licenses online. If not, head to your local hardware store, sporting goods store or parks and recreation office.

2.       Blaze Orange – During your hunt, wear a blaze orange coat, vest or hat to stay visible to other hunters, should you cross paths. Some vests and coats even offer an added benefit of extra storage for ammo, snacks and more.

3.       GPS – Even if you have hunted in the same spot for years, there is always a risk you’ll get turned around. Pack a handheld GPS, just to be safe. While your smartphone has GPS, its service and battery may not be as reliable as a GPS unit.

4.       Flashlight/Headlamp – Like having a GPS device, it’s smart to have a flashlight or headlamp just in case. Sometimes you’re out longer than anticipated or Mother Nature takes you by surprise.

5.       Water/Snacks – The longer duration your hunt, the more prepared you’ll need to be, but it’s always a good idea to keep yourself energized and hydrated. Pack easily transportable, high protein sources like jerky, nuts or trail mix.

Follow these fall hunting safety tips to stay safe. Good luck this hunting season!