Insurance can be confusing, especially when it’s a special type of coverage like the outdoor insurance products offered by Lockton Affinity Outdoor. Unlike common coverages like car insurance or homeowners insurance, your first time hearing about outdoor insurance may be the day you consider purchasing it for better peace of mind.

Questions are normal when the insurance you are considering is new to you. If you find that you have questions about Lockton Affinity Outdoor and our products, this FAQ should help answer them.

Common Outdoor Insurance FAQs

What is Lockton Affinity Outdoor?

Lockton Affinity Outdoor offers a variety of insurance products and services specifically made for outdoor enthusiasts like you. Our dedicated team has more than 20 years of outdoor business experience, so we understand the risks you face, whether the great outdoors is your hobby, your livelihood or both. When you partner with Lockton Affinity Outdoor, you can expect more than insurance, including:

  • Tailored product offerings
  • Easy interactions
  • Best-in-class service

What kinds of products do you offer?

At Lockton Affinity Outdoor, we have products tailored to fit your exact outdoor insurance needs, whether you are a firearm owner, firearm instructor, business, club or recreational or outdoor business. We offer products to protect your personal or business property, protect you from liability and more.

What coverage is available for firearm owners and instructors?

For firearm owners and instructors, we offer:

  • Firearm Insurance to protect your firearms and attached accessories from loss, damage, flood, fire and theft.
  • Personal Firearm Liability Insurance to provide four essential areas of coverage: Hunting and Shooting Accident Liability, Accidental Discharge Coverage, Lost or Stolen Firearm Liability and Lawful Personal Defense.
  • Firearm Instructor Insurance to provide protection against third-party property damage or allegations of negligent training that can threaten your career and livelihood.

What coverage is available for businesses and clubs?

For firearm businesses and clubs, we offer:

  • Hunt and Lease coverage for hunting clubs, leased hunting land and landowners.
  • Rod and Gun Clubs coverage for outdoor rifle and pistol ranges, trap and skeet ranges, archery ranges and fishing clubs.
  • Firearm Businesses coverage for firearm stores, sporting goods stores, gunsmiths, FFL holders, commercial ranges and training centers.

How much does outdoor insurance cost?

Many people are surprised by how affordable it can be to protect your property, business and personal assets with coverage from Lockton Affinity Outdoor.

  • Firearm Insurance starts as low as $50 per year.*
  • Personal Firearm Liability Insurance starts as low as $75 per year.*
  • Firearm Instructor Insurance starts as low as $150 per year.*

*Plus applicable taxes and/or fees.

How much coverage do I need?

Deciding on the right amount of coverage can take some thought, since the answer always varies.

For Firearm Insurance, you may decide to purchase enough coverage to protect your entire gun collection, purchase some coverage in case you have a loss, or only insure one or two high-value items.

For Firearm Liability Insurance, the answer may depend on the organizations you do business with. Landlords, range operators and others may have minimum coverage requirements you’ll have to meet to be able to utilize a piece of land or instruct at a particular range. It’s best to discuss this upfront so you can ensure you get the right coverage and avoid any delays.

For other types of insurance, the question of how much coverage will depend on your individual needs and risk exposure.

Can you tell me more about options available for my firearm-related business?

We offer customized coverage packages for all types of firearms-related businesses, including gun stores, commercial ranges, hunting guides, gunsmiths, gun shows, competitions, guides and outfitters and more. If you don’t see your business listed, you can contact us to confirm your business is eligible.

For eligible businesses, we offer Property, General Liability, Gunsmith coverage, Business Income, Boiler and Machinery and more. You can explore all our coverage options here.

Can you tell me more about options available for my club?

We offer customized coverage packages for outdoor clubs, including Hunting Club and Land Lease coverage for operations that travel, have land or lease land, and Rod and Gun Club coverage for operations that meet at a range or participate in competitions or events.

Landowner and hunting clubs on location can get Limited Liability coverage for injury and damage while on club premises, Host Liquor coverage and Hired and Non-Owned Auto liability. Broad Liability coverage is available to protect against injury and damage not limited to club premises, products/completed operations and medical expenses.

If your club meets at a range or participates in competitions or events, you can get Rod and Gun Clubs coverage, including Property Insurance, General Liability Insurance and optional coverage like Business Income, Boiler and Machinery, Accounts Receivable and more.

Does your liability insurance cover me if I injure myself?

No. Since liability coverage is intended to protect against a claim for an injury you accidentally cause to someone else, an injury you sustain yourself would not be covered under your Personal Firearm Liability Insurance or Firearm Instructor Insurance policy. Instead, make sure your health insurance is up to date in case you are injured during an activity.

If I have a liability claim and require legal representation, can I choose my own attorney?

Yes, you can with an applicable policy. While some other insurance companies don’t give you a choice when you have a claim, Lockton Affinity Outdoor allows you to choose your own legal representation with Personal Firearm Liability Insurance.

Does my insurance cover me if I am away from home?

In many cases, yes. One of the best parts of the great outdoors is the ability to explore new places and meet new people. With Lockton Affinity Outdoor, your insurance can go with you.

With Firearm Insurance, your firearm property is covered at home and away from home throughout the United States and its territories. With Personal Firearm Liability Insurance and Firearm Instructor Insurance, your protection follows you anywhere you go in the United States and its territories.

Do I need to report locations I travel to or instruct classes at?

No, since our insurance follows you throughout the United States and its territories, you aren’t required to report that information to us. In some cases, businesses and property owners may ask that you show proof of your insurance or add them to your policy as an additional insured. To do so, you would simply use our certificate of insurance request form.

Do I need to notify you of additional instructor certifications I have earned?

No. You are covered for any instruction for which you are certified/accredited to teach.

Is roleplaying covered for instructors?

No, our insurance specifically covers down-range firearms instruction. Coverage doesn’t include paintball, pepper spray, baton, handcuffing, hand-to-hand combat or martial arts.

How long is my insurance policy good for?

Most Lockton Affinity Outdoor insurance products offer coverage for a period of one year. Most policies can be renewed year after year, and many feature convenient automatic renewals.

Can I make changes to my policy during the year?

Yes. You can contact us to change your limits, add or remove scheduled items, or update your contact information. If you need to add a classroom or range to your policy during the year, contact us with the name and address of the location you need to add.

How are premiums paid?

Our affordable premiums can be paid conveniently in just one annual payment. Payment by check or card is accepted.

What if I have a claim?

Although everyone hopes to avoid them, claims are a normal part of insurance. You can start a new claim here and check the status of a pending claim by contacting us here.

How fast are claims handled?

At Lockton Affinity Outdoor, we aim to provide you with best-in-class service. We handle claims within 90 days of receiving your completed claim information. If you have questions about a claim or want to check on the status of a submitted claim, contact us.


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