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Lockton Affinity administers the insurance needed to protect GunBroker.com members and their firearms.

By having more than 20 years experience and insuring more than $300,000,000 worth of firearm property, Lockton Affinity Outdoor understands the risks gun owners face in ways others do not. Learn more about our products to find the right coverage for you.

Firearm Insurance

Starting as low as $50 per year*

If you keep your guns at home or carry them with you, there is always a risk of theft, damage or loss. And because most homeowners, renters and auto insurance policies limit coverage for firearms, there is a need for additional protection.

With Lockton Affinity Outdoor’s Firearm Insurance, you receive coverage to replace or repair your guns and attached accessories should they be damaged, lost, stolen or ruined in a fire or flood.

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*Before taxes and fees

Firearm Insurance coverage benefits

Broad Coverage

Replacement cost coverage for scheduled and unscheduled firearms including antique and collectible firearms

Replacement cost coverage for firearm accessories such as scopes, rings, mounts, slings and sling swivels

Easy transactions

Low $250 deductible per claim

Annual coverage beginning as low as $50 depending on the value of your guns

No requirement to file a claim on your homeowner’s policy first

Additional coverage included automatically

Coverage for newly acquired property for 180 days

International coverage up to $10,000 for 60 days

Flood and earthquake coverage up to $30,000

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Personal Firearm Liability Insurance

Starting as low as $75 per year*

Despite the actions you take to be safe and responsible, there are risks associated with gun ownership.

This common-sense coverage option for responsible gun owners provides four essential areas of coverage—Hunting and Shooting Accident Liability, Accidental Discharge Coverage, Lost or Stolen Firearm Liability and Lawful Personal Defense.

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*Before taxes and fees

Personal Firearm Liability Insurance coverage benefits

Hunting and shooting accident liability

Should an incident occur while you are hunting or participating in shooting sports, Personal Firearm Liability Insurance protects against the costs associated with a claim.

Accidental discharge coverage

Accidental discharge can occur when the firearm suffers from mechanical malfunction, when the firearm is dropped, when the firearm is cleaned and more. With Personal Firearm Liability Insurance, lawful gun owners are protected against the costs associated with an accidental discharge claim.

Lost or stolen firearm liability

If your legally possessed firearm is lost or stolen and an incident occurs, Personal Firearm Liability Insurance will protect against the costs associated with claims.

Lawful personal defense

Should you ever need to lawfully use a legally possessed firearm to defend yourself with reasonable use of force, Personal Firearm Liability Insurance will protect against the costs associated with a claim—on a reimbursement basis— once all charges are dropped, or you are acquitted of all charges, up to applicable policy limits.

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Firearm Instructor Insurance

Starting as low as $150 per year*

If you are a certified or credentialed instructor, training counselor, coach or range safety officer, there is always risk involved.

With Lockton Affinity Outdoor’s Firearm Instructor Insurance, you receive coverage to help protect against the costs associated with property damage or allegations of negligent training.

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*Before taxes and fees

Firearm Instructor Insurance coverage benefits

Broad Coverage

Third-party injuries and damage and/or legal expenses that may occur while acting as a training instructor

Affordable coverage

No deductible

Policies begin as low as $150/year

Additional coverage included automatically

Medical expenses up to $5,000

Professional Liability coverage that protects you from allegations of negligent training

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Firearm Business Insurance

From gunsmiths to gun store and range owners, there are always risks involved with operating a firearms-related business. With Lockton Affinity Outdoor’s Firearm Business Insurance, you receive coverage to help protect against the costs associated with property damage, third-party injuries and more.

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About Lockton Affinity

Lockton Affinity has been providing best-in-class insurance for outdoor enthusiasts like you for more than 20 years. Through this experience, our dedicated team understands the risks you face whether the great outdoors is your hobby, your livelihood or both. When you partner with Lockton Affinity, you can expect more than insurance.


Whether you are an outdoor-related business owner, a firearms instructor, a club member or an all-around outdoor enthusiast, Lockton Affinity has the insurance solutions to protect and support you should you ever face a claim.


From your annual policy renewal to claim settlement, we strive to make all communication as efficient as possible, so you can get back outside.


We’re committed to customer service. We have an exclusive team to support you from your initial application to your annual renewal.

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