Tailored insurance for
Forest Landowners Association members

Protect yourself with Landowner and Hunt Club Liability and Consulting Forester Professional Liability.

Lockton Affinity Outdoor administers the insurance needed to protect Forest Landowners Association members.

By working with Forest Landowners Association members for more than 15 years, Lockton Affinity Outdoor understands the risks you face in ways others do not.

Learn more about our products below to find the right coverage for you.

  • Landowner and Hunt Club Liability
  • Consulting Forester Professional Liability

Landowner and Hunt Club Liability

Like many landowners, you may choose to lease land to hunting clubs or individual hunters as a source of revenue. When you lease your land to others, you can be held financially responsible in the event of an accident.

With Lockton Affinity Outdoor’s Landowner and Hunt Club Lease Liability Insurance, you receive protection from the costs associated with a claim.

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Coverage benefits

Broad form liability

Provides liability coverage for vacant land, including land that is not fenced or used for any commercial or agricultural purpose.

Provides liability coverage for the landowner and hunt clubs leasing land regardless of the designated premises.

Coverage is not restricted to club premises.

Easy transactions

Receive individual Hunt Club Liability certificate tracking.

Complete a fillable PDF to apply for coverage in minutes.

Risk management resources

Download our Landowners Best Practices Guide to help reduce your risk of a claim.

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Consulting Forester Professional Liability

As a consulting forester, you help landowners manage their forest resources and maximize the value of their land. While most professional foresters make every effort to perform their services with a safe and satisfactory outcome, negligent acts can occur.

With Lockton Affinity Outdoor’s Consulting Forester Professional Liability Insurance, you receive coverage to help protect against the costs associated with claims and litigation brought against you for the services you provide.

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Coverage details

Broad Coverage

 Coverage is available to a wide range of professions, including forest management plans, growth studies, property inspections, reforestation, timber inventory, timber sales and more.

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About Lockton Affinity

Lockton Affinity has been providing best-in-class insurance for outdoor enthusiasts like you for more than 20 years. Through this experience, our dedicated team understands the risks you face whether the great outdoors is your hobby, your livelihood or both. When you partner with Lockton Affinity, you can expect more than insurance.


Whether you are an outdoor-related business owner, a firearms instructor, a club member or an all-around outdoor enthusiast, Lockton Affinity has the insurance solutions to protect and support you should you ever face a claim.


From your annual policy renewal to claim settlement, we strive to make all communication as efficient as possible, so you can get back outside.


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