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Whether you own a firearm business in Colorado or lease hunting ground in Louisiana, you deserve customized insurance that fits your exact outdoor needs. Explore our products below to find the right coverage for you.

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Coverage to protect your firearms, livelihood, finances and more

Firearm Insurance

Whether you keep your guns at home or carry them with you, there’s always a risk something may happen to them. Firearm Insurance takes over, protecting your firearms and attached accessories from loss, damage, flood, fire and theft.

Coverage starts as low as $50 PER YEAR.

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Personal Firearm Liability Insurance

Despite the actions you take to be safe and responsible, there are risks associated with gun ownership. This common-sense coverage option for responsible gun owners provides four essential areas of coverage—Hunting and Shooting Accident Liability, Accidental Discharge Coverage, Lost or Stolen Firearm Liability and Lawful Personal Defense.

Coverage starts as low as $75 PER YEAR.

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Firearm Instructor Insurance

Though you are dedicated to safety, there are many risks associated with firearm instruction. This coverage protects against property damage or allegations of negligent training to help protect your livelihood.

Coverage starts as low as $150 PER YEAR.

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Coverage to protect your organization’s property, members, customers and more

Hunt and Lease

Hunting clubs, leased hunting land and landowner coverage.

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Rod and Gun Clubs

Outdoor rifle and pistol ranges, trap and skeet ranges, archery ranges and fishing clubs.

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Firearm Businesses

Firearm stores, sporting goods stores, gunsmiths, FFL holders, commercial ranges and training centers.

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group of hunters walking through a field
Guides and Outfitters

Hunting, fishing, kayak & canoe, hiking, backpacking and photography.

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Coverage to protect your
outdoor activities, property,
equipment and more

Each outdoor operation is different in size, activities, ownership, location and more. With coverage from Lockton Affinity Outdoor, you have access to insurance that meets your exact needs.

About Lockton Affinity

Lockton Affinity has been providing best-in-class insurance for outdoor enthusiasts like you for more than 30 years. Through this experience, our dedicated team understands the risks you face whether the great outdoors is your hobby, your livelihood or both. When you partner with Lockton Affinity, you can expect more than insurance.


Whether you are an outdoor-related business owner, a firearms instructor, a club member or an all-around outdoor enthusiast, Lockton Affinity has the insurance solutions to protect and support you should you ever face a claim.


From your annual policy renewal to claim settlement, we strive to make all communication as efficient as possible, so you can get back outside.


We’re committed to customer service. We have an exclusive team to support you from your initial application to your annual renewal.

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