Winter Weather Preparedness

It always pays to be prepared. From fire evacuation to weather emergencies, it is smart to put plans in place to protect your family and belongings. In the winter, many of the preparation starts with winterizing your home and belongings.

Implementing a Winter Weather Plan

To prepare for the coming winter weather, make a communication plan with your family, build emergency supply kits and

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Celebrating President’s Day

Happy President’s Day! As a day of remembrance and patriotic celebration, we are honoring past and current Presidents with a roundup of Presidential firearms enthusiasts.

The History of President’s Day

Presidents’ Day was originally established in 1885 to celebrate President George Washington’s Birthday. In 1971, the day was moved from Washington’s actual birthday on February 22 to the third Monday in February. This was part

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Finding Your Perfect Shooting Range

A gun range that fits your needs can be hard to find. Follow these tips to find a shooting range that fits your needs and budget.

Get a Trusted Recommendation—Ask your friends and family if they have a preferred local gun range.

Research Online—Search “shooting range near me” on the web. Look at the ranges’ websites and reviews online. Consider the following for each

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